Wishes on the breeze


My mother used to tell me that “If wishes were fishes we’d live in the sea.” I disagree, I think wishes carry wings so they can travel the ends of the earth. My favorite wishes are found in the secrets of trees and flowers.┬áDandelions are the sign of spring, blooming early with the smallest amount of water giving life to the bees hungry for nectar. The bright yellow flowers fill warm afternoons played to the sound of children’s laughter. As the flowers seed a whispery white bloom is left behind, the transition to summer. They bring the whispering children out to make wishes on sunshine. One wish, two wishes, as many wishes as they can call for ride out across the landscape, making new patches of wishes for the next line of those waiting their turns. ┬áDo you remember your wishes? Are they still hidden in the quiet places in your heart? Wishes were made to move, find a window and let in the light, take out your wishes and let them be dancers on the breeze.


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