On Relationships

I was running along the canal practicing race pace when my phone rang. I don’t get phone calls so I assumed the worse and slowed to answer it.

It was my mother sobbing, something about her mother forcing her to move out and her having nowhere to take her dog. She was always out of reach growing up. We’ve only been friends once during my lifetime, when my oldest children were young.

While she cried and threatened to live in only a tent and freeze to death, I remembered my Runkeeper was still on. I was never getting this ten minutes back literally, or figuratively.

I told my older daughter later that day, only half serious when I said freezing to death would be two birds, one stone. She gave a deep sigh and called me Savage. I tell my husband that she is like a stove missing the indicator light. You just never know when you are setting yourself up for a burn. Better to just leave the kitchen.

I woke up the next day thinking about her sad weeping, how she told me she didn’t understand why she could never have a relationship with her mother.

My response before she hung up being, “Yep, I wouldn’t know anything about that…”

Via The Daily Post


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